A Mindblowing Deerhunter Concert at Webster Hall

Everyone knows that Deerhunter is a great band. (If for some reason you don’t yet, then go fucking listen to them. Youtube exists for a reason.) I was lucky enough to catch one of their shows last night on the last leg of their tour promoting Monomania. I expected to be impressed, but the word “impressed” doesn’t do the performance justice.

Deerhunter is the shit live. They sounded technically awesome, the lighting was fabulous and the crowd was really quite pleasant (which can be a rarity at Webster Hall). Bradford Cox was an enthusiastic frontman, decked out in a messy, shoulder length, black wig and a sleeveless black and white dress. It was wonderful how natural it looked. I mean, it was a choice, but it didn’t look like a choice. And it got me to thinking that, grand-scale gender politics aside, society should just let everyone to wear dresses onstage. They’re cool, comfortable, and easy to throw on.

But just make sure to really ground that wig onto your head though. Bradford’s kept shifting around and he almost lost it completely a couple of times and it made me so inexplicably anxious.

What do you think? Let me know below!

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