Book Talk: Dry by Augusten Burroughs

Augusten Burroughs is a young, rich, successful ad man who seems to have a lot going for him. He’s intelligent and incredibly witty. He’s good at his job and has friends to shoot the shit with. Sure, maybe he drinks a lot but that’s okay because he’s a young, rich, successful ad man.

Until a few too many people (and clients) start noticing that Augusten’s missing important meetings and perpetually stinks of booze, and his boss gives him the ultimatum: go to rehab or else.

And so begins Austen’s initiation to the official world of alcoholism. He ends up at the Proud Institute, a rehab center for gay/lesbian addicts, and is surprised to find out that rehab isn’t as glamorous as he’d thought, the food is terrible and the people seem like caricatures, unreal and laughable. He also discovers that he actually might have an alcohol problem, he is one of those caricatures, and that quitting drinking actually means quitting drinking, forever.

Burroughs presents a heartbreaking yet laugh-out-loud funny, sad yet beautiful, memoir about the struggle to find one’s identity in the rubble of addiction, to accept the love of others, and to believe in the process.

Book: Dry
Author: Augusten Burroughs
Rating: ★★
Type: A roller coaster of a memoir about the struggles of addiction.

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