Book Talk: Official Book Club Selection by Kathy Griffin

It’s no secret that I like Kathy Griffin. Unlike some people, I don’t find her annoying. I think she’s absolutely hilarious. She’s known for her celebrity humor, but that’s definitely not all she has done and will do. If you’ve ever seen her stand-up or heard her tell a joke, you know that she’s dramatic and ridiculous and, most importantly, a dynamic storyteller.

So this memoir isn’t just a laundry list of celebrity stories. Sure, she describes some of her most fascinating interactions with A-Listers, but she actually spends the bulk of this book describing her rise to the D-List – from trying to make it as an improv actor and then experimenting with stand-up, to her botched plastic surgery and getting Bravo on board with her reality TV show, My Life on the D-List. It’s deeply personal; she reveals some shocking details about her family, and also chronicles the traumatic unraveling of her marriage. Yet, because it’s Kathy Griffin, she manages to make the lasting impression of her memoir a totally comedic experience.

In many ways, Official Book Club Selection is a study of duality. She recounts depressing stories of how the Hollywood life broke her friends down so very thoroughly, how much pressure there is on women to look a certain way, and how easy it is to relentlessly try and still not always make it. And Griffin simultaneously inspires the reader to see that it’s possible to succeed by sheer force of will, sometimes in ways you’d never planned.

Say what you want about Kathy Griffin’s comedy, but if there’s one thing to learn from her memoir it’s this: She works really, really freaking hard and deserves every last dollar.

Book: Official Book Club Selection
Author: Kathy Griffin
Rating: ★★
Type: Funny memoir by funny lady

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