Book Talk: I Hate Everyone, Except You by Clinton Kelly

As someone who was a huge What Not to Wear fan way back when, I really wanted to love this collection of essays by Clinton Kelly.

I enjoyed learning a bit about Kelly’s rise to stardom, but I generally had a hard time getting through the book, which was so the opposite of what I was expecting out of this read. It seemed like he was attempting to follow in the steps of comedic essayists like David Sedaris or Simon Doonan and I just didn’t find his jokes as funny as I think I was meant to. It seemed like Kelly had run out of stories to tell—or he never had them to begin with—and was struggling to build punchlines out of banal life moments.

Maybe Clinton Kelly just isn’t mean enough to write a book of sassy essays. He gives off the distinct impression that he’s a pretty nice guy, even after starring on a reality TV show for ten years.

I’d certainly give another Clinton Kelly book a try in the future. This one just wasn’t for me.

Book: I Hate Everyone, Except You
Author: Clinton Kelly
Rating: ★☆☆
Type: Collection of essays from reality TV star

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