Book Talk: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

If you enjoy creepy murder mysteries and psychological thrillers then you’ll probably like Sharp Objects. I took this photo right before a red-eye flight a few weeks back, then proceeded to finish it on the plane when I definitely should have been sleeping. Oops.

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Book Talk: Official Book Club Selection by Kathy Griffin

It’s no secret that I like Kathy Griffin. Unlike some people, I don’t find her annoying. I think she’s absolutely hilarious. She’s known for her celebrity humor, but that’s definitely not all she has done and will do. If you’ve ever seen her stand-up or heard her tell a joke, you know that she’s dramatic and ridiculous and, most importantly, a dynamic storyteller.

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Book Talk: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Now that I’m required to read books for a living, it’s tough to get a ton of reading done in my free time. This one, however, I whipped through in three days. So freaking good.

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Book Talk: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

To simplify things: The 5th Wave is an alien apocalypse story…but it is also very, very good. It’s a hefty book but difficult to put down; I dragged it to and from work for several days and then even to the laundromat last night, where I let my clothes dry a bit too long because I couldn’t stop reading. Properly hooked, I’d say.

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Book Talk: Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles

Spunky Comfort Snowberger has spent all of her ten years of life preparing for death – because her family runs the only funeral home in their Mississippi town. She has learned the tricks to dealing with mourning gracefully, how to serve others, and the keys to providing comfort in difficult times.

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