The Regrettes Are the Perfect Teen Band for People Who Don’t Like Teen Bands

There is nothing like a bunch o’ kids who love to rock.

I found out about The Regrettes when their album Feel Your Feelings Fool! was released early this year and they’ve been in my regular rotation for the past few months. They’re a young band—the lead singer, Lydia Night, is just 16 years old, and her band-mates are only a couple of years older—but they’ve managed to pump out a well-rounded album that’s filled to the brim with dance-worthy pop-punk tracks.

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I Like This: DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar

Everyone loves Kendrick and everyone loves Kendrick’s new album, which is fiery and honest and ridiculously listenable. If you haven’t taken the time to check it out, please make time soon. Kendrick Lamar is creating good art, folks.

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A Mindblowing Deerhunter Concert at Webster Hall

Everyone knows that Deerhunter is a great band. (If for some reason you don’t yet, then go fucking listen to them. Youtube exists for a reason.) I was lucky enough to catch one of their shows last night on the last leg of their tour promoting Monomania. I expected to be impressed, but the word “impressed” doesn’t do the performance justice.

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