Book Talk: Finding Hope by Colleen Nelson

Eric was a popular kid and on track to receive scholarships to play hockey in college. But something happened along the way, something that derailed his future. Eric’s past haunts him and, seemingly out of nowhere, he has fallen into severe meth addiction.

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Book Talk: Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Oh, Sarah Dessen, how you made me swoon when I was young.

I read a lot of her books when I was a teen and loved them. This was my first Dessen novel in a while and…I’m not sure if I’ve outgrown their splendor or if this one just wasn’t as good as her previous books.

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Book Talk: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

My expectations were so low with this one because it was hyped, and they really needn’t have been. Everything I Never Told You is a lovely, albeit super sad, portrayal of a family in the aftermath of tragedy.

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Book Talk: Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center

Quick read about a divorcee trying to get back on track. I thought Helen was irritating at first, but I warmed up to her by the end and found myself rooting for her happiness. I grew to appreciate her spunky spirit, even when the storyline fell back on predictable clichés.

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